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Nigella Sativa Seeds

Nigella Sativa Seeds Manufacturers in Chhattisgarh Nigella Sativa Seed is also known by other names that includes Kalonji, Roman Coriander, Blackseed, Nutmeg Flower or Black Caraway. It is having pungent taste and is widely utilized in various medicines because of its splendid medicinal properties. It helps in finding from fatigue and low-spiritedness. Including this, it is also used as garnishes in flatbreads and other confectionary items

Babulal Sarabhai & Co. is introducing neat and clean Nigella Sativa Seeds that is obtained from Nigella sativa flowering plant.  It is mostly found in southwest Asia and length varies from 20–30 cm. The flowers are quite delicate and are mostly having coloured pale blue and white all along with five to ten petals. The seed is used as a spice that can be utilized in food items. Our company offer best quality of seeds to the customers and so we are renowned as one of the reputed Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Nigella Sativa Seeds from last many years.

Highlights of Nigella Sativa Black Seeds

  • Pungent bitter taste
  • A faint smell of strawberries
  • Best for candies and liquors
  • In herbal medicine, Nigella sativa is having several properties like antihypertensive, carminative, and anthelmintic
  • Commonly known as Black Seed, Black Cumin, or Habbatul Barakah.

Common Culinary Uses of Nigella Sativa See

Indian chefs use Nigella Seeds to form the base for various dishes, especially in Northern regionsSprinkled on naan or Indian flatbread and include them in rice pilauKnown as a paanch phoron in Bengal and include these seeds with other spices that includes fennel, cumin,fenugreek and mustard seeds respectively.


Medical Uses of Nigella Sativa Seeds

  • Asthma
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Bronchitis
  • Confectionery
  • Liquors
  • Rheumatism

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